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Recipe for success includes
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“One of our best sources is the Internet Truckstop. ...They’ve never let us down, and we’ve been using them for years!”
-Phil Sneed

      Tandem Logistics is not a trucking company. What Tandem Logistics offers to the owner/operator and small fleets, is a working relationship for success!

Phil Sneed is the President and owner of Tandem Logistics. A twenty-year Transportation Industry veteran, Phil has worked his way through just about every aspect of transportation and distribution. His extensive supply chain management experience has given Phil a comprehensive understanding of freight, from procurement to delivery. In Phil’s twenty plus year career, he has worked for some of the best: C. H. Robinson, SYSCO and what is now SSA Global, to name a few. Backed with this experience and knowledge, Phil opened the doors of Tandem logistics in October 1999.

      Tandem Logistics is not just another third party logistics company. Tandem Logistics prides itself in developing healthy and long lasting relationships with their carrier partners. Whether an owner/operator or a small fleet, Tandem Logistics goes the extra mile to ensure their carriers: better than average freight, thorough and accurate pick-up and delivery instructions, in-city routing, enroute driver support that is available 24/7 and prompt payment on every haul.

“The Services and Tools the Internet Truckstop offers
will help any company achieve success!”
-Phil Sneed


      Tandem Logistics takes pride in matching hauls with the individual carriers needs and preferences. Randy Saucier of Saucier Trucking will attest to that. “Tandem Logistics not only offers the freight I want, but they also let me run the way I like, pay a fair rate and back me up with 24/7 support. It doesn’t get much better than that.” says Randy.

      At Tandem Logistics, the goal is to develop long-term relationships with their carriers; this partnership is a recipe for success for both the carrier and Tandem Logistics. Phil chooses his carrier partners with great care. “Because we offer our carriers so many of the things they look for in a haul, we rarely have any trouble finding the carriers we want. One of our best sources is the Internet Truckstop. Because The Internet Truckstop does a great job of attracting the better carriers, we simply search their posted trucks menu. They’ve never let us down, and we’ve been using them for years. The Services and Tools The Internet Truckstop offers, will help any company achieve success!”

      As for the future, “We’re hoping to open another office this year and possibly add another rep or two. Our growth has always been controlled and strategic, that again is part of our recipe for success.” says Phil; and Tandem Logistics has had seven years of steady growth and success. Tandem Logistics may not be a trucking company, but what they offer their carriers makes that a good thing, not bad!

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